Chicken Sticker Pack

Chicken Sticker Pack for Telegram (the exciting story of creation read below).

The exciting story of sticker pack creation


In 2016 I had a very boring office job. One day at Friday I was sitting at my desk and dreaming about today night when I could get my dinner and drink some vine. I wanted to speed up the end of the working day and I started sketching something in Photoshop. This is what i did.

This is the first Chicken. She's kind of ugly because I drew her by computer mouse in Photoshop. In addition I was not so good in a drawing then.

I have thought this is an interesting character. So I have tried draw several other options Chicken with different entourage. I will not show it, it's really ugly. I disappointed in my skills and postponed this idea for a while.


A year has passed, I began to draw better. And for my birthday (i don't really like them) I decided to draw a new variation of Chicken in themed design.

I liked this variation, new drawing style was more better. I decided draw a few options of character with different requisites. In the end it became to sticker pack for Telegram.


The end of the exciting story of sticker pack creation